What our SlickFit Supporters (Customers) Say

Chioma U,

Pharmacist Student

Rocking my SlickFit, now I don't have to sweat my edges off

Ashton Jones, 

Director of Cloud Infrastructure - Sentinel

Originally picked up a SlickFit for my mother, ended up buying another soon after for my girlfriend. Definitely a great gift for any important women in your life. Amazing quality and brand values to match!

Wemi Nefertiti,

Mental Health Support Worker/MSc HRM Postgraduate

I'm not gonna lie I've been banging it but haven't worn it to the gym yet. I even took the insides [satin undercap] to Ports[mouth]. Love it. You're onto something big here girl. Girl. Quote. Me!

I can't lie it's quality I showed my girls they couldn't believe you made it. It's good Lee reaaaal good


Senior Analyst

I really like the design... The material of the outer turban is great... sporty and breathable... The quality of the satin for the undercap is great for protecting the edges...


... I used mine for a morning run underneath my headscarf. It worked really well could see a few heads turn which is great! It didn't move around... it was a great fit... I am glad when I took it off after I could see how well it protected my hair...

I love the product. It's great to see such an innovative and practical item on the market... knowing it was made by you, makes me confident in its quality and the intention behind it...

Nicole Sahbaee,

Postgraduate M.Ed Special Education/Co-Founder of En Root Travel

I wear my SlickFit all day long! I love wearing it to work and class with a couple curls out in the front and then heading straight to the gym to get a workout in. It's stylish and keeps my hair out of the way and protected during a workout!

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