The SlickFit Journey in a few Pictures

Hi! I'm Lee-Ann

- SlickFit Founder

SlickFit's Small Business Story So Far (article format - approx. 10min read)

As a busy Physio student at the time (circa 2017) still trying to stay healthy, I kept noticing that I was either skipping the gym because of my hair, or over-manipulating my hair to go to the gym, and sometimes just neglecting both altogether!

I didn't feel confident to go and have a session with my "struggle styles" and in-the-process-of-looking-like-something-later, or straight up messy, wash day overdue styles, on show. And don't let my curls have been poppin' that day! I definitely didn't want to have to force them into some kind of tight bun, or go lie them down on somebody's foot-scented mat to stretch (some of the many things that would go through my mind! Relatable?)

So since I couldn’t find a stylish, effective solution out there to stop me from needing to choose between my hairstyle and hitting the gym, especially with my own injuries to stay on top of, I started developing something of my own. And thus, SlickFit was born:

A UK-based athletic headwear & apparel brand, revolutionising the way we balance our hair x fitness needs.


Award Winning

Now don't get me wrong, it's been a long, failure-filled journey like any other worth doing. But there have of course been many milestones and mini wins too, from handmaking the turbans and bonnets myself in my living room, after learning to sew of course (thanks cuzzy!) and selling these out, to later being recognised with a Business Award (2019). And now scaling things up so I'm able to reach more people.

It hasn't happened overnight by a long shot, but this journey has taught me that true quality and innovation can’t be rushed. Plus there was the whole, frontline working through a global pandemic (including 6 months in ITU might I add, whew!)

... But I’m proud to finally be able to share my secret to slaying your hair AND your fitness goals with the world. My SlickFit keeps me right from leg day to wash day and everything in between.

So no more you choosing between a gorgeous twist out or that workout either. Do Both! Grab yours now.


What's Next?

Through SlickFit, I’d love to continue to introduce fresh and innovative designs, build a SlickFit Community and continue to encourage more people to get and stay active.

It isn’t easy, but it doesn’t take a health professional to know that looking after our mind and body is so important. And what better way to do so than through exercise? My hope is that with your new favourite gym buddy, and our hair no longer a barrier to participation, you find that extra motivation to strive towards being your best you. I know my SlickFit comes in super handy for me all the time… and if it works for me and many others like me, something tells me it'll help you too! 😊


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