"To inspire and facilitate our SlickFit supporters to be the different, awesome aspects of themselves all at once. Instead of choosing – Do Both.

And then some"

They say we all wear many different hats.
Well we don’t just want to literally be one of your beloved go-to items of headwear (… get it)  


But more than anything, we want to inspire and facilitate countless people, our SlickFit™ community, to not have to choose between which hat to wear, or which you, you can be at one time. Busy professional or gym enthusiast? Show up in style or reach that class on time? Covered or fashionable? Comfortable or practical? Why choose?

Do both. And then some.

Ready to Do Both?

I wear my SlickFit all day long! I love wearing it to work and class with a couple curls out in the front and then heading straight to the gym to get a workout in. It's stylish and keeps my hair out of the way and protected during a workout!

- Nicole

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