A Logo with a Story

The Slick, the Fit and the Ripple
Creating the Logo we Love

So, we’ve got a name now, check! We like it, we love it, we are it. Cool. Now we need a killer logo.

Believe it or not, SlickFit Founder (and wearer of many hats), Lee-Ann Bostwick: former
fitness instructor, chartered physiotherapist, natural hair nurturer, creative and more, but definitely not drawer or artist, designed our much-loved logo! Down to the SlickFit ripple!


Lee-Ann enlisted help, of course, in the form of her good friend Durotimi “DT” Akinkugbe (@dt.akinkugbe check out his photography, he’s pretty awesome!). DT had a swanky laptop and knew his way around that software us, non-technically inclined people haven’t necessarily even heard of.


So, the pair met up one day, in the food court of London Victoria station and put Lee-Ann’s vision and Deets’ (she calls him Deets, he calls her Leels) skills and creativity together – finally bringing the logo from Lee-Ann’s mind and notebook scribbles, to what would go on to proudly adorn our products and pages.

So what exactly is the SlickFit™ logo all about?

Well, aside from looking pretty cool (if we say so ourselves), the SlickFit logo aims to represent the SlickFit story: the name and by extension, the brand and overall vision. To represent hair and fitness – to do both. To represent the two seamlessly coming together. Here’s a personal insight showing how with excerpts from the Logo Specification Lee-Ann sent to DT:

The Slick
“As discussed, I envision the SlickFit™ [logo] to be stylised in white writing with a black background, and be a combination of italic, handwritten-esque font for the ‘Slick’ part... The Slick portraying the smooth, silky aspect of hair protection and style…”
The Fit
“… and block, boxy font for the ‘Fit’ component… [depicting] strength, fitness, and even decisiveness.”

The Ripple
“For the logo symbol, I envision a simple, semi-circle of a ripple. This was inspired by wanting to find something unique yet simple and present in nature. The ripple also depicts waves, something closely associated with and revered by people of African descent pertaining to [our] hair. The image of a ripple/wave also has a likeness to slicked down baby hairs. Finally, when looking wider, an image of a droplet of water and ripples was one of the first search results when I looked up ‘clarity’ [for images for my vision board] – giving me even more reason to embrace it as the symbol of SlickFit™’s clear vision.”

A great final touch the two came up with was for the dot of the ‘i’ to be a droplet, effectively creating the ripple. This could be a droplet of water or a droplet of hair product to keep our hair moist, nourished and laid, creating those beloved waves or ripples. #DoBoth

Pretty cool, huh?

Ready to Do Both?


Behind the Name

The name, SlickFit™ was born almost simultaneously with the concept of the SlickFit – hassle-free, athletic hair-protecting headwear – being born. Let’s call them twins. 

You see, SlickFit the name, and SlickFit the brand and products, combine two things our founder, Lee-Ann has been passionate about for a very long time: hair and fitness (and not just passionate about, the two have really been an integral part of her story from the beginning).

Here’s how we’d like to think her internal dialogue coming up with the name went verbatim:

“I want a product that won’t snag at my edges, that can keep my hair sleek, smooth, soft… and Slick!”
“And not just ‘S’ words, but you know, laid, lush, moisturised… but definitely Slick!”


“I want something to wear to the gym. Better yet, something to even get me to go to the gym. To encourage me to exercise, to facilitate my fitness journey, to get to my gains, to keep me active… and Fit!”

And! “I want it to look really sleek, sporty, cool… and Slick!”

Not only that! “I want this headwear, headscarf-like, headwrap thingy… to Fit! To fit my hair, to fit my look for when I work out, to match my outfit. To not have to fuss with the hassle of wrapping it, watching countless tutorials to learn how to wrap it, to not have to worry about it potentially unraveling or coming off - to be fitted”

Hmmm, bingo!!

Ready to Do Both?

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