2-in-1 Athletic Hair Protection

that lets you Do Both.

The ultimate must-have product in athletic and hair-protecting headwear is finally here! Our HANDMADE in the UK hassle-free and easily adjustable fitted headwraps mean no more choosing between your hair and that workout... Do Both.

Wear with or without the conveniently detachable smooth satin undercap - customised dual functionality to meet your needs.



At SlickFit™, we Do Both. And by that we don’t just mean we believe in getting in a stellar workout whilst keeping our edges laid and slayed (no biggie), we also appreciate that our valued SlickFit supporters may want different things when it comes to getting to know us: so we made sure to cover both versions for you!

Click the links below for a quick run-down on the go, or the full-whack version of how we combined our two passions, and are taking off down a lane of our own to bring you SlickFit. Find out more 

2-in-1 Athletic Hair Protection

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